Poké Ball Centerpieces

Poké Ball Centerpieces

I made Poké Ball vases for my friends Pokémon Wedding. Don’t be jealous.

These are the progress photos of me finishing them up. The vases where all glitter…which I am still finding in my house.

I ordered these Glass Vases on Amazon.

For the basic Poké Ball Centerpieces

  • Then I taped the middle of the vase and made a half circle shape for the bottom half of the Poké Ball with painters tape. Applied mod podge to the bottom half and then white glitter. Waited for this to dry then applied another coat mod pogde and white glitter and then after this coat dried applied a final coat of mod podge. This made a smoother solid finish. See first 2 pictures for end result.
  • I then taped to other half and had a half circle now for the top, applied mod podge the un-glittered top and then red glitter. Wait for this to dry then apply another coat mod pogde and red glitter then after this coat dries apply a final coat of mod podge. See the third image.
  • Then I painted with a fine brush a black line where the 2 glitter lines met. This is where I straightened out any needed areas spots.
  • Finally I did the middle. I applied mod podge then white glitter 2 times waiting for each coat to dry and then a final coat of modpodge.

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