Wine Tumbler Decals

Wine Tumbler Decals

This is a simple DIY to add a custom decal to a wine tumbler


  • A wine tumbler or glass
  • Vinyl
  • Transfer Tape (If using glitter vinyl make sure it’s strong grip)
  • Cricut Explore or Maker
  • My Circut Design

How to Apply Vinyl on a Curved Surface

Once you get your decal cut, apply transfer tape to your design. If you are using glitter vinyl as I did you will need it to be strong grip.

Before you remove the backing of the decal to adhere to your tumbler/glass cut slits around the edges. This will help your design curve around the tumbler/glass and prevent creases.

After you get the design on, take your scraper and rub the decal down to get rid of any bubbles under your decal.

Then peel off your transfer tape and you are done.

Happy drinking!

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